Update #96 WordPress 5.0 release, WordCamp US, #280Blocks and more.

Nashville, TN Airport

Last week was probably the busiest week in WordPress community: WordPress 5.0 was released and WordCamp US happened. Also in Nashville, the inaugural Automattic Design Awards were announced. And by the time, I thought I was finished, 5.0.1 came out with a security patch all the way back to version 3.7.28. As I can’t keep track of it all alone, we will follow-up on all-things Gutenberg during WordCamp US in our Live Q & A on Friday (12/14)  with Mel Choyce, Chris Van Patten and Joshua Wold.

WordPress 5.0 was released with a nice little video and Jeff Paul’s Field Guide provides all the additional information on the changes for developers, designers and consultants.

At WordCamp US the talks were live streamed and volunteers on the WordPress TV team are working on getting them sliced and uploaded to WordPress.tv. Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word is already on YouTube. In my previous post on Gutenberg Talks at WordCamp US, I added the time stamp links to the live stream videos for you to review.

During State of the Word, Matt Mullenweg showed off some of the work that has been done with Gutenberg and we followed up with a #280Blocks section and links to plugins offering Custom Blocks for content creators. The same with displayed Themes. There is even more to read, but that’s it for today.

Gutenberg Times Live Q & A Cover image

Live Q & A – Gutenberg at #WCUS

December 14, 2018 2:00 pm

WordCamp US happened around the WordPress 5.0 release. We’ll discuss impressions from the talks, projects and conversations around Gutenberg with Product Designer at Automattic, Mel Choyce, Gutenberg Core Contributor and founder of Tomodomo, Chris Van Patten and Joshua Wold, design strategist at XMP.

Join us for this unique Q & A. We will also be streaming it to the Gutenberg Times YouTube Channel. — Your host will be Birgit Pauli-Haack, curator of Gutenberg Times – Join us via Zoom

BTW ^^ above is an event block from the WP-Munich Blocks

Table of Contents

Gutenberg & WordPress Development News

WordPress 5.0 Released, Block editor now default.

#WCUS SOTW & Recap Posts

Design Award for Work with Blocks

Themes for the new block editor

Block Plugins shown in SOTW and more #280blocks

Using Gutenberg

More Photos…

Featured image: “Nashville, TN Airport” by Birgit Pauli-Haack