How to blacklist the customer from placing order in Woocommerce

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Blacklist the customer, How?

First of all, this plugin uses the three details of customer to stop the customer from placing the order.

  • IP address
  • Email
  • Phone

There are two options to put the customer in black list.

  • Manually
  • Automatically

In the manual mode as well, there are two options.

  • Order edit page
  • Direct setting

Via order edit page

  • Go to the order edit page
  • In the top right section, you will “Order Actions”. Then, you need to choose the “Blacklist Order”.
  • Then, click the “Update” button.
  • Now, the three customer details (IP address, phone and billing email) will be blacklisted for future checkout.

Via direct setting

  • Navigate to “WP Admin >> Woocommerce >> Setting” and click the “Blacklisted customers” tab.
  • There you will see three text-area fields;each for three customer details.
  • You can enter every new customer details in new line as shown in below image and hit the “Save changes” button.

Automatic Blacklisting

Above All, This plugin will also handle the auto blacklisting. When customer repeatedly places the FAILED order, we can configure this plugin to handle auto blacklist the customer details after certain number of failed attempts. You can configure this number in the back-end setting which can be seen in the above image.

Furthermore, You can customize the message to show for blocked customer as well.

Additional Features

  • Bulk Blacklisting
  • Remove the customer details from blacklisting

Bulk Blacklisting

For bulk blacklist customer details of multiple orders, you can select the needed orders. Then choose the “Blacklist Customer” as shown in the below screenshot.

Remove the customer details from blacklisting

Just like we can add the customer details to black list in order edit page via “order actions”, we can remove the customer details from the same settings UI as shown in below screenshot.

Note: “Remove from Blacklist” option will be available only if one of the customer details (IP address, Email or Phone) is already in the blacklist.

Finally, just like we can add the new customer details via direct settings as explained above, we can manually remove the customer details as well.


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